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  • IIntroducing our Versatile Silicone Mats for Microwaves and More. Our versatile silicone mats are designed to protect your microwave glass plate and make cleaning a breeze. These mats offer a range of benefits and can be utilized in various ways throughout your kitchen and home. Key Features: Microwave Glass Plate Protection: Place the silicone mat on your microwave's glass plate to shield it from spills, stains, and food splatters. This helps keep your microwave clean and prevents any potential damage to the glass plate. Easy Cleaning: The silicone mats are non-stick and easy to clean. Simply wipe them with a damp cloth or sponge, or toss them in the dishwasher for hassle-free maintenance. Multi-Purpose Use: These mats are not limited to microwave protection alone. Their versatility extends to various applications in the kitchen and home. Use them as pot holders, trivets, jar openers, or even as placemats for hot dishes. Twin Mat Set: Our set includes two mats: a 10-inch mat and a 12-inch mat. Most domestic microwaves in the UK have a 10-inch glass plate, but some models have a larger 12-inch plate. With this set, you'll have the perfect fit for your microwave, and you can utilize the other mat for other purposes. Investing in this twin mat set ensures that you have the right size for your microwave while also providing a spare mat for other tasks around your kitchen and home. The high-quality silicone material offers durability, heat resistance, and versatility, making these mats a valuable addition to your daily routine. Upgrade your microwave experience and explore the multitude of uses for our versatile silicone mats. Keep your microwave glass plate protected, maintain cleanliness, and discover new ways to utilize these mats throughout your home

AngelMats Silicone Microwave Mats

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